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Apple New iPad / iPad3

Apple’s New iPad with new features

Finally the new Apple iPad 3 is a reality. Apple CEO Tim Cook released the new iPad, which is going to be available for shipping in global markets next week itself. Apple hasn’t added many new features to the new iPad. Like the iPhone 4S, the company has just introduced some trivial overhauls to the form factor, design, innards and other aspects. But, there is a welcome change in naming. Apple seems to have stopped naming iPads with serial numbers. Thus, the 2012 iPad upgrade will be simply known as ‘the new iPad’ and not ‘iPad3’as it was rumored to be.

Here we introduce you ten most important features in new iPad.

Retina Display: A high resolution Retina display is the biggest improvement in the new iPad. Apple has increased the pixel resolution of the 9.7-inch display to a whopping 2048 x 1536. With 264-ppi and3.1 M color support, the new iPad’s display is brilliantly sharper and brighter. Yes, the new iPad can defy any tablet on earth in screen resolution and clarity. Integration of Apple’s Retina Display technology further adds into its strength.

Upgraded processor: Though not the rumored A6 processor, Apple has upgraded the new iPad with the new A5X chipset. The A5X chip is a slight upgrade to the company’s current A5 chip. As per Apple, the new chip can perform four times better than NIVIDIA’s famous Tegra 3 quad core processor. It virtually eliminates the need for a quad core processor. Finally, the new iPad is equipped with a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU with A5X chipset. The CPU clocks at 1GHz and the device features quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU for better graphical performance, however.

4G LTE support: The new iPad is actually Apple’s first product with the 4G LTE compatibility. But, it will work only in theU.S. as other countries are yet to get the high speed network connectivity. In the domestic market, both AT&T and Verizon, two leading 4G service providers and also Apple partners, will get separate versions of the new iPad. In global markets, both GSM and CDMA versions of the new iPad will be available. 4G LTE also increases internet speed manifold. “You’ll be jumping with joy as it pulls down data at speeds up to 73Mbps and allows you to watch HD content on the move or download full albums in seconds,” says KnowYourMobile’ s Tony Crammond.

Gaming performance: Thanks to a quad-core PowerVR SGV543MP4 graphical processor, the new iPad will offer stunning gaming performance. The device’s increased graphical intensity and performance make it a stiff rival for Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

Wi-Fi hotspot: The iPad can provide high speed internet connectivity for up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. The feature works with both 4G and 3G connectivity. But, 4G is the most reliable one as it offers better speed.

Battery life: At a glance, there can’t be seen any improvement in the device’s battery life. It offers the same 10 hours backup of its predecessor the iPad 2. But, it should be noted that the new iPad has a pick of battery swallowing features like a HD display, 4G LTE and others. So, the new iPad’s battery capacity is appreciable, indeed.

1080p video recording: The new iSight 5-megapixel rear camera and iMovie app ensure better 1080p video recording with the new iPad. It is yet another much-appreciated feature of the 2012 version of iPad.

Improved camera: Well, Apple improved the device’s camera with an iSight 5-megapixel sensor. The camera comes with rich features such as autofocus, geo-tagging, IR filter, HDR, face detection and many others. It can capture video at 1080p.

Voice dictation: Apple has added a new Siri-style voice dictation feature on the new iPad. It will help you dictate your emails, documents and messages to the iPad. The content will be saved as you speak, which can later be sent as emails, messages and others.

Light and portable: Irrespective of the revamped battery and hardware, the new iPad is light and portable. The device features almost the same size and weight of the current iPad2. In other words, it is 9.4mm thick and635 grams weightier.


New 1080p Apple TV

Apple TV Meta-Review:

The latest set-top box out of Cupertino is set to land in customers’ households tomorrow; however, a few reviews of the new Apple TV are coming our way this evening. Publications have gotten the chance to review the new Apple TV, which features 1080p capabilities powered by a single-core A5 processor, and also features an updated UI. Here is what world is saying about Apple’s New TV


At $99, the third-generation Apple TV continues to be as excellent a value as the previous model-and now it supports higher-quality video too. That’s a good thing. For those with the previous generation, however, the decision to upgrade comes down to whether the difference in quality between two high-definition formats is important (and noticeable) enough to you.

The Verge

This year’s Apple TV is a strange little device. Nearly everything it did before, it now does better – it streams 1080p content, is easier than ever to navigate, and remains one of the simplest devices to set up and use that we’ve seen. But when I reviewed the 2010 Apple TV, my biggest concerns were all about the content: the available content on a device like the Boxee Box or the Roku positively dwarfed the Apple TV. That’s still true, though the iTunes integration with Netflix is a solid sign that Apple’s thinking the right way.

The Loop

Having 1080p video on my 60-inch HDTV is magnificent. I’ve been watching movies and trailers all week and the experience of watching a movie in 1080p that you are streaming from Apple is incredible.

On my network, the movie starts almost instantly, so I don’t have any lag time to download. I walk in, choose a video and watch it.

The Apple TV is the epitome of convenience. With iCloud, I have access to all of my iTunes Match music and videos, so I don’t need to connect to a computer anymore. I can purchase movies, TV shows and I can watch content from Netflix. That’s perfect.

Apple iPad3 Launches Today

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive ahead of what is widely expected to be the launch of a new iPad today.

Technology giant Apple has invited journalists to what it describes as “a special event” in York Place, north London, which will run parallel to an announcement in California where Apple bosses are expected to unveil their latest product.

The email includes a close-up photograph of what appears to be a touch screen device but the notoriously tight-lipped firm has refused to comment further.

The invitation tells reporters: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

One rumour gaining traction with technology pundits is the product’s name which is predicted to be iPadHD rather then iPad3 – a reference to the much higher resolution screen it is thought to have.

One thing that is certain is that the product will sell regardless of its name – Apple had sold more than 55 million iPads around the world as of January this year.

Some industry experts are even predicting the end of personal computers as touch-screen tablet-style computers grow in popularity.

Apple announced that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store by customers.

Nate Lanxon, editor of technology site, said he expected the latest iPad model to “look a lot like the current model” but with a much higher resolution screen.

But he said that might not be enough to send shoppers out spending their money straight away, adding: “On day one there is less reason to invest in one than three or four months down the line when the developers have got to grips with it and you can see what apps they have built for it.”

Long queues formed outside Apple’s flagship store in Regent Street, central London, two years ago as hundreds vied to get their hands on the original iPad when it was launched.

Apple was forced to push back its original late April UK launch date because of “overwhelming demand” for the device in the US.

The company sold more than one million iPads in the US in the first 100 days making it a faster seller than the iPhone.
The company’s last release was the iPhone 4S – complete with voice recognition software – which went on sale in October.
It was launched just nine days after Apple’s pioneering former chief executive Steve Jobs died following a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.