Apple Siri

Apple Siri – understands what you speak

Siri, is the new application in the latest release Apple iPhone 4S and it is also the intelligent personal assistant which makes use of your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more

The main highlighting feature of Siri is that it is not like the traditional voice recognition software that are been found in the many Mobiles.  The software in the mobiles take up the keyword and respond accordingly. There are times in which this software will find you nothing, but with Siri, you need not worry about these things.  Siri understands your natural speech, and it asks you questions if it needs more information to complete a task.

Siri which is found in the new  iPhone 4S uses the  processing power of the dual-core A5 chip and uses 3G and Wi-Fi networks to communicate rapidly with Apple’s data centers.  So Siri can easily understand what you are saying and can respond quickly.

How to use Siri?

Siri can be used just be speaking through the microphone and can also be used with headphones and Bluetooth headsets.

Which apps does Siri work with? 

–  Phone

–  FaceTime

–  Music

–  Mail

–  Messages

–  Calendar

–  Reminders

–  Notes

–  Contacts

–  Weather

–  Stocks

–  Web Search

–  Find My Friends

–  Alarms, World Clock and Timer

–  Wikipedia search

–  Wolfram|Alpha (English only)

–  Maps

–  Local search with Yelp!

Language Support and Availability 

–  English (United States,United Kingdom,Australia)

–  French (France)

–  German (Germany)

The application is capable of doing all things, right from setting your alarm clock, to finding a good local shop to playing a DJ with your music. Siri, is restricted to few websites but can bring any number of web results.

Siri can understand conversational English and reply according to what you have saved in your mobile. For instance, if you are asking, whats going on today, Siri will simply reply you back according to the data stored in your calendar. The application can also dictate all your messages, mails and other texts for your convenience. Siri can also be used by visually impaired users with voiceover.


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