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Apple’s New iPad Runs Hotter

Apple’s New iPad Runs 10°F Hotter than iPad 2
No one would disagree with the fact that Apple’s new iPad is hotter than iPad 2, if not by looks, then by a number of new features including the stunning Retina display and the faster A5X processor. This heat is indeed pleasing for those fortunate users who already have the new device. But what if you are told that your new iPad literally runs a lot hotter than its predecessor? Yes, it’s been claimed in some reports that while running graphics-heavy tasks, Apple’s newest device runs as much as 10 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the iPad 2.

On late Monday, Engadget cited a report by Dutch website (translated) that claimed that the new iPad runs 10 degrees hotter than its predecessor when its improved GPU found inside the A5X package is tasked with running standard GLBenchmark for a couple of minutes. The report was accompanied by thermal imaging photos of the iPad 3 and iPad 2 put next to each other.

On late Monday, Engadget cited a report by Dutch website (translated) that claimed that the new iPad runs 10 degrees hotter than its predecessor when its improved GPU found inside the A5X package is tasked with running standard GLBenchmark for a couple of minutes. The report was accompanied by thermal imaging photos of the iPad 3 and iPad 2 put next to each other.

However, Apple said there’s no problem with the heating issue as the device operates “well within thermal specifications.” A company spokesperson told The Loop:
“The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications. If customers have any concerns they should contact AppleCare.”


New Aakash Tablet

New Aakash Tablet for same $40 price

Despite earlier reports that the Indian Government was looking for a new manufacturer to produce the world’s cheapest tablet, original OEM DataWind appears to be hanging in there. The company will ship a new version of the Aakash tablet next month that ups the specs while maintaining the same price of just over 2,000 rupees, or around $40. Like the commercial version of the Aakash, the Ubislate 7, the new Aakash features a 700MHz Cortex A8 processor and 3300 mAh battery rated for around three hours of use, and replaces the 7-inch resistive touchscreen with a capacitive one. Android Central reports that the tablet will run Froyo (though the commercial Ubislate 7+ is on Gingerbread) and possibly the Google Play Store.

DataWind is pledging to produce 100,000 units, a big improvement on the 10,000 it had managed by last month, but it’s still not going to be enough. The Indian government wants a tablet for every student in the next five to six years, which is no mean feat in a country of over 1.2 billion people, and DataWind simply doesn’t have the capacity. Still, the company appears to be doing all it can to produce and improve the low-cost device.

Apple Siri

Apple Siri – understands what you speak

Siri, is the new application in the latest release Apple iPhone 4S and it is also the intelligent personal assistant which makes use of your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more

The main highlighting feature of Siri is that it is not like the traditional voice recognition software that are been found in the many Mobiles.  The software in the mobiles take up the keyword and respond accordingly. There are times in which this software will find you nothing, but with Siri, you need not worry about these things.  Siri understands your natural speech, and it asks you questions if it needs more information to complete a task.

Siri which is found in the new  iPhone 4S uses the  processing power of the dual-core A5 chip and uses 3G and Wi-Fi networks to communicate rapidly with Apple’s data centers.  So Siri can easily understand what you are saying and can respond quickly.

How to use Siri?

Siri can be used just be speaking through the microphone and can also be used with headphones and Bluetooth headsets.

Which apps does Siri work with? 

–  Phone

–  FaceTime

–  Music

–  Mail

–  Messages

–  Calendar

–  Reminders

–  Notes

–  Contacts

–  Weather

–  Stocks

–  Web Search

–  Find My Friends

–  Alarms, World Clock and Timer

–  Wikipedia search

–  Wolfram|Alpha (English only)

–  Maps

–  Local search with Yelp!

Language Support and Availability 

–  English (United States,United Kingdom,Australia)

–  French (France)

–  German (Germany)

The application is capable of doing all things, right from setting your alarm clock, to finding a good local shop to playing a DJ with your music. Siri, is restricted to few websites but can bring any number of web results.

Siri can understand conversational English and reply according to what you have saved in your mobile. For instance, if you are asking, whats going on today, Siri will simply reply you back according to the data stored in your calendar. The application can also dictate all your messages, mails and other texts for your convenience. Siri can also be used by visually impaired users with voiceover.

Apple New iPad / iPad3

Apple’s New iPad with new features

Finally the new Apple iPad 3 is a reality. Apple CEO Tim Cook released the new iPad, which is going to be available for shipping in global markets next week itself. Apple hasn’t added many new features to the new iPad. Like the iPhone 4S, the company has just introduced some trivial overhauls to the form factor, design, innards and other aspects. But, there is a welcome change in naming. Apple seems to have stopped naming iPads with serial numbers. Thus, the 2012 iPad upgrade will be simply known as ‘the new iPad’ and not ‘iPad3’as it was rumored to be.

Here we introduce you ten most important features in new iPad.

Retina Display: A high resolution Retina display is the biggest improvement in the new iPad. Apple has increased the pixel resolution of the 9.7-inch display to a whopping 2048 x 1536. With 264-ppi and3.1 M color support, the new iPad’s display is brilliantly sharper and brighter. Yes, the new iPad can defy any tablet on earth in screen resolution and clarity. Integration of Apple’s Retina Display technology further adds into its strength.

Upgraded processor: Though not the rumored A6 processor, Apple has upgraded the new iPad with the new A5X chipset. The A5X chip is a slight upgrade to the company’s current A5 chip. As per Apple, the new chip can perform four times better than NIVIDIA’s famous Tegra 3 quad core processor. It virtually eliminates the need for a quad core processor. Finally, the new iPad is equipped with a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU with A5X chipset. The CPU clocks at 1GHz and the device features quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU for better graphical performance, however.

4G LTE support: The new iPad is actually Apple’s first product with the 4G LTE compatibility. But, it will work only in theU.S. as other countries are yet to get the high speed network connectivity. In the domestic market, both AT&T and Verizon, two leading 4G service providers and also Apple partners, will get separate versions of the new iPad. In global markets, both GSM and CDMA versions of the new iPad will be available. 4G LTE also increases internet speed manifold. “You’ll be jumping with joy as it pulls down data at speeds up to 73Mbps and allows you to watch HD content on the move or download full albums in seconds,” says KnowYourMobile’ s Tony Crammond.

Gaming performance: Thanks to a quad-core PowerVR SGV543MP4 graphical processor, the new iPad will offer stunning gaming performance. The device’s increased graphical intensity and performance make it a stiff rival for Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

Wi-Fi hotspot: The iPad can provide high speed internet connectivity for up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. The feature works with both 4G and 3G connectivity. But, 4G is the most reliable one as it offers better speed.

Battery life: At a glance, there can’t be seen any improvement in the device’s battery life. It offers the same 10 hours backup of its predecessor the iPad 2. But, it should be noted that the new iPad has a pick of battery swallowing features like a HD display, 4G LTE and others. So, the new iPad’s battery capacity is appreciable, indeed.

1080p video recording: The new iSight 5-megapixel rear camera and iMovie app ensure better 1080p video recording with the new iPad. It is yet another much-appreciated feature of the 2012 version of iPad.

Improved camera: Well, Apple improved the device’s camera with an iSight 5-megapixel sensor. The camera comes with rich features such as autofocus, geo-tagging, IR filter, HDR, face detection and many others. It can capture video at 1080p.

Voice dictation: Apple has added a new Siri-style voice dictation feature on the new iPad. It will help you dictate your emails, documents and messages to the iPad. The content will be saved as you speak, which can later be sent as emails, messages and others.

Light and portable: Irrespective of the revamped battery and hardware, the new iPad is light and portable. The device features almost the same size and weight of the current iPad2. In other words, it is 9.4mm thick and635 grams weightier.